Various synthetic dance music

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Al Jeel. (Pronounced "ahl JEEL".) This refers to a style of music popular in Egypt today, which is representative of the students and more mobile youth of Egyptian cities. It's a reaction to Western influence, to new technology, and the universal need of young people to get up and dance. The al jeel style first emerged in the mid-1980's. Like city kids everywhere, the young Egyptians wanted their own music, and they wanted it fast and danceable. Lyrics are variously about love or country, and rarely stray into more sensitive areas. Vocalists who are representative of the al jeel style include Amr Diab, Hanan, Ehab, Mohamed Moneer, Khedr, and Adel El Musree. A CD that includes several excellent examples of al jeel music is Yalla Hitlist Egypt, which is available from several belly dance vendors and other merchants who specialize in Arabic music.

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Various Synthetic Dance MusicVarious Synthetic Dance MusicVarious Synthetic Dance MusicVarious Synthetic Dance Music