Games dance this way

What are your PCs specs and what’s the folder location you’ve placed it in? Some have theories the path location can be related. An install log says it’s installed at ‘D:\games\Dragon Age Inquisition

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One of the goals of our drinking games is to help warm up the social atmosphere at a party. Whether it’s during the academic year on campus, through spring break or even at a New Year’s Eve party, games will liven up any party. It really doesn’t matter whether you are playing drinking games or board games they all go over better after a few drinks.

Many adults seem to forget how difficult and time consuming it was to learn the multiplication facts. Rote memory doesn’t seem to work well for most kids. Memorizing the multiplication facts doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating. Research says the best way to remember is by using visual images and stories. It’s exactly what our system does. It really can be FUN!

You will need headphones or speakers to enjoy the song and dance in each game. The games use the Flash plug-in and your computer will need to have this installed to be able to play the games.

Games Dance This WayGames Dance This WayGames Dance This WayGames Dance This Way