Tammy st john concerning love

On 11 May 1981, two days after Tammy Lemley reached majority, Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Hall informed Miss Lemley that she must meet with them again to sign more papers regarding the adoption. At Mr. Kaiser's direction the young couple met Mr. Hall in the parking lot of the Omelet Shop in Huntington, West Virginia where Tammy signed the papers in return for $. That same day, Tammy Lemley's parents went to the law offices of Kaiser and Hall to demand the return of the child. The parents explained to Mr. Kaiser that Tammy was a minor at the time of the transaction. Mr. Kaiser told them that it was too late to do anything and that he could offer them no help. At no time did Mr. Kaiser explain to Tammy Lemley, Bobby Lee Nash, Sr., or Tammy's parents that under Ohio law an Ohio Probate Court judge had to witness and approve a minor's consent. [1]

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Tammy St John Concerning LoveTammy St John Concerning LoveTammy St John Concerning LoveTammy St John Concerning Love