Hiroyuki nanba sense of wonder

Hard to classify, this early Namba effort sounds as a compilation of his endless influences and inspirations as a young composer and musician, although most of the tracks are built around a pop are traces of his future as an arranger of music for video games and animes in a pair of dreamy Electronic pieces with floating synthesizers and slight JEAN-MICHEL JARRE hints, but the majority of this album follows a poppy vein with childish vocals and an amateur production, having a quite humurous choir of female voices and easy-going beat the second half jazzy and Soul influences come in evidence, although these are also performed in a very Loungle mood with light electric guitars and calm piano and organ couple of mediocre Hard Rockers (with English lyrics) just proove the confusion in Namba's early steps in discography and make ''Sense of wonder'' even more incohesive. Namba's later albums are much better than his debut, which is very incosistent and below average Art for collectors and lovers of Japanese music in general. social review comments | Review Permalink
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Hiroyuki Nanba Sense Of Wonder