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Zamperini was born on Friday 26th January 1917 in Olean, New York , to Anthony Zamperini and Louise Dossi, both native to Verona in Northern Italy . He had an older brother named Pete and two younger sisters, Virginia and Sylvia. He was raised in a strict Catholic household. His family moved to Torrance, California , in 1919, where Louis attended Torrance High School . Zamperini and his family spoke no English when they moved to California, making him a target for xenophobic bullies because of his Italian roots. Zamperini was chased and caught by police for a stolen beer and brought home to his parents who dealt with him. His father taught him how to box in self-defense. Soon he claimed to be "beating the tar out of every one of them." He added, "but I was so good at it that I started relishing the idea of getting even. I was sort of addicted to it." [5]

Luie Lepki Willie RedLuie Lepki Willie RedLuie Lepki Willie RedLuie Lepki Willie Red