Poly styrene talk in toytown

She's dead, it's been confirmed by multiple news sources now. http:///music/news/a316400/poly-styrene-dies-aged- — Preceding unsigned comment added by Wickedxjade ( talk • contribs ) 08:58, 26 April 2011 (UTC)

The ruling was introduced in Pasar Raja Bot in Chow Kit last month, and will be extended to include night markets, restaurants, food trucks, shopping malls, hypermarkets and hawker centres in the next few months. (see graph).

We lived with my grandmother on and off through that period, and she saw punk very differently. For my grandmother being a punk meant things like wearing odd-coloured socks, which she didn’t approve of. Even Mum didn’t like a lot about punk, too. There was loads she found exciting, of course, but she’d tell me plenty of the negative stuff: the aggressiveness of the crowds, the spitting on stage, how very few women were present at many of these gigs – and how that made her terribly anxious about performing. I realised later she was trying to warn me off becoming any kind of performer, in case I got any ideas.

Poly Styrene Talk In ToytownPoly Styrene Talk In ToytownPoly Styrene Talk In ToytownPoly Styrene Talk In Toytown