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By day nine-year-old Akira Ijuyin is a normal student at Clamp School, but at night he becomes the mysterious thief 20 Masks. His thefts are usually subject to the whims of his two mothers, which Akira pulls off without any true objections or interactions. One night Akira ducks into the room of five-year-old Utako Ōkawa in an attempt to hide from the police.

Some animals are considered “reservoirs” for rabies and have a higher risk for transmitting the virus. Rabies reservoirs are animals in which the virus typically lives. Rabies infection in a species other than the reservoir species for a particular rabies variant (type) is considered “spillover.” Examples of spillover would be a raccoon infected with a fox variant of rabies virus, a skunk infected with a bat variant or a cat infected with a skunk variant.

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